Welsh African Diaspora

The Welsh African diaspora can be traced back to 1800s when Somali communities crossed the newly opened Suez Canal to come to work on the docks in Cardiff and other parts of Wales and UK. The demographic of African communities in Wales have since changed significantly as we can now find vibrant communities from Somaliland, Nigeria, Zimbabwean, Congo, Sudan etc. 

Diaspora for Development

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Working in partnership with the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP), Hub Cymru Africa supports Diaspora-driven development, supporting diaspora groups and individuals to be active in international development. With remittances more than double the Overseas Development Assistance (ODA), African Diasporas are swiftly being recognised as key development actors and as we seek innovative ways of supporting marginalised and communities suffering from abject poverty, we believe that diaspora engagement is core to our work.

We believe that Diasporas can contribute to other forms of remittances other than finance, these can be social (access to contacts and networks); Intellectual (skills transfer) political (ability to influence) or cultural (insider-outsiders perspective). Further to this, we believe that the Diaspora communities understanding of local issues and dynamics means that they play a crucial role in supporting and advising other agencies working in their countries of origin.

We therefore support engagement of African diasporas through:

  • Building bridges between diasporas and non-diasporas groups/organisations in Wales 
  • Providing funding and training opportunities
  • Hosting diaspora specific events
  • Encouraging dialogue and networking within the Wales Africa community in Wales

Below are some of African Diaspora organisations we funded and provided development support: