Grant Recipients 2015-16

Hub Cymru Africa Grants fall under four main themes,

Here are the recipients who received our 2015/16 grants:

Sustainable Livelihood Grants 2015-16

Fairtrade Hay, Hay on Wye - The true cost of fashion

In the last 20 years clothing has got cheaper, but the human and environmental costs associated with this continue to rise. 80% of garment workers are women and are amongst the lowest paid industrial workers globally, many having no rights nor safety protection.

This project aims to raise awareness of the social and environmental cost of cheap clothing in Hay through an evening focusing on the fashion industry and garment trade, including a film screening and fashion show showcasing Fair Trade clothing.
Category: Up to £1,000

Fair Trade in Football Campaign, Pembrokeshire - Encouraging learning about Fair Trade through football

Unfair trade, poverty and child labour are unfortunately involved in much football production. This campaign provides educational workshops promoting Fair Trade football use and teaching children to think about the connection between products and their producers.

Fair Trade footballs will be provided for school and community events, and Fair Trade football tournaments will be run. The campaign also aims to raise the profile of Fair Trade sports balls and advocate for these to be stocked in local shops and sports centres.
Category: Up to £1,000

Niokolo Network, Cardiff - Promoting sustainable livelihoods in rural villages in Senegal

Local people living around the Niokolo-Koba National park rely on its natural resources for daily life, but the current level of resource use is not sustainable. This threatens food security and living conditions in surrounding villages, and this UNESCO heritage site.

This project uses local language films to share ideas between communities in Senegal and Wales in order to increase resilience to climate change and promote sustainable livelihoods within the Senegalese villages. These films will then be incorporated into educational programmes in Wales, showcasing world environmental issues and providing a platform for cultural exchange.
Category: Up to £1,000

SUSSED Wales, Bridgend - Raising awareness of Fair Trade and social justice

SUSSED Wales is a community owned co-operative which promotes and encourages ethical shopping, and strives to develop awareness of issues of sustainability within the local community.

Through this project SUSSED will deliver school and community talks, as well as offering a series of outreach stalls and activities that promote a wide range of Fair Trade goods, to increase sales and awareness.
Category: Up to £1,000

Ysgol Esgob Morgan, Denbighshire - Celebrating and sharing Fair Trade

Ysgol Esgob Morgan has been working hard to promote and engage with Fair Trade for the past five years, and was the first Primary School in Denbighshire to gain the Fairtrade Schools Award.

With this grant they aim to, extend their influence and embed a culture of Fair Trade in the wider community, by organising monthly awareness raising ‘Fair Trade Coffee Shops’ for parents and community members. They will also share their knowledge and experience of supporting Fair Trade within their network of 17 local schools in Wales.
Category: Up to £1,000

Tools for Self Reliance Cymru, Crickhowell - Supporting Village Clusters

Tools for Self Reliance Cymru has been working with partners in Tanzania for twenty years. This project continues the group’s approach of supporting people with access to affordable tools and training in artisan skills like blacksmithing, tailoring and carpentry.

This project aims to help 150 people in villages away from the main roads network who have not been able to access such support before. The group is also prioritising work with women and disabled people who often have difficulty.
Category: Up to £15,000 (over 1 year)

Zimele UK, Abergavenny - Craft Enterprise Development

Women in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa work hard but struggle with low education and high unemployment. Zimele SA forms self-help groups whose members learn skills and save money together. Its Wales-based partner, Zimele UK, supports this project to enable women to earn money from crafts.

This project is developing Fair Trade craft production and business skills of 68 women in the town of Winterton. Zimele UK will help to find markets for those crafts back in Wales. As well as benefiting women in South Africa the project will develop business skills for volunteers in Wales.
Category: Up to £15,000 (over 1 year)

PONT, Rhondda Cynon Taf - A north-south partnership for empowerment - tackling child poverty in Uganda and inspiring people living in poverty in Wales.

This project will support the establishment of 15 Self Help Groups across three parishes in Mbale, Uganda with a focus on women caring for orphans and vulnerable children.

Group members will receive training in saving, goal setting, problem solving and business promotion. They will also receive goats to provide milk, meat and new goats to generate income for further investment. Three members of Self Help Groups from Wales will visit Uganda to learn about activities there and take lessons and inspiration back home.
Category: Up to £15,000 (over 2 years)

Bees for Development Trust, Monmouth - Money from honey in Mbale, Uganda

Beekeeping is an affordable and sustainable way for small farming families to increase their incomes from selling honey and beeswax. Bees are also an important pollinator: helping to boost farm production and support the local environment.

This project will raise the income of 96 households in Uganda by building the skills of 12 community-based beekeeper trainers to support them. As well as training in beekeeping, people will also be helped to develop business and marketing skills. Welsh-based staff and volunteers involved in the project will enhance their skills, knowledge and confidence.
Category: Up to £15,000 (over 2 years)

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Lifelong Learning Grants 2015-16

Hay2Timbuktu, Hay-on-Wye - Student2Student Hay2Timbuktu

Following a coup in Mali in 2012 there has been much instability and conflict in the region. This has affected education provision, particularly for girls, and prevented visits from Hay to their partner community of Timbuktu.

This project will support 3 schools in Timbuktu to improve their English language teaching, which will help enhance the educational skills and opportunities for pupils there. Using electronic/internet communication, school pupils from Hay and Timbuktu will then have the opportunity to practice their language skills in English and French, and to share wider views of the world from very different cultural perspectives.
Category: Up to £5,000 (over 1 year)

Disability in Wales and Africa, Powys - African Disabled Activist in Wales

This project focuses on developing awareness and understanding of disability issues in both Wales and Africa, and developing volunteering amongst Welsh disabled people.

A disabled activist from Zambia will tour Wales for 10 days, speaking in schools, community and disability events. They will raise awareness of the needs of disabled people and their families in sub Saharan Africa, and to encourage Welsh disabled people to become involved in Wales-Africa activities.

Category: Up to £5,000 (over 1 year)

Giakonda Ltd, Swansea - Equipping schools with computers

An ICT curriculum has been introduced for Zambian schools, but many schools lack computer equipment or even an electricity supply.

This project will set up computer rooms in a primary and high school in Zambia. The innovative UK-designed Raspberry Pi computers (which are manufactured in South Wales) will be used, and solar panels will be installed school to provide the necessary electricity supply. E-learning resources will also be provided along with technical training for the schools. The technicians at Giakonda Ltd will develop their skills and experience through the installation of this equipment in Zambian schools.
Category: Up to £5,000 (over 1 year)

The Sustainability Lab, Bangor University - Sustainability in Makerere University, Uganda

Governments and organisations around the world are working to overcome poverty while protecting the environment for future generations: this is the challenge of sustainable development.

Our project will develop links between staff and students in Makerere and Bangor Universities to share experiences and help create a ground-breaking sustainability implementation plan for the Ugandan university. The Welsh participants will learn about working in a different culture and develop their understanding of implementing sustainable development in complex organisations.
Category: Up to £5,000 (over 2 years)

Valley and Vale Community Arts, Bridgend - Make it Happen 2

This project will work in Wales, Kenya and Ethiopia and aims to challenge attitudes to, and raise awareness of, issues affecting women and girls including female genital mutilation, early marriage and sexual consent. As well as engaging women in creative arts, film-making and celebratory events we will support Maasai widows in honey production and candle-making to earn money.

In addition to supporting the livelihoods and rights of women in Africa, events in Wales will ensure participants grow their understanding of different cultures and learn new skills in film-making.
Category: Up to £5,000 (over 3 years)

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Health Grants 2015-16

Dolen Cymru Wales Lesotho Link, Cardiff - Improving mental ill health management in Lesotho

Lesotho struggles, like many developing countries, to provide mental health services and many individuals with mental health needs consequently lack adequate care and support.

Through this project Dolen Cymru will improve the ability of health professionals in the country to identify and manage mental ill health by training psychiatric nurses, family medicine trainees and primary health care nurses. The Welsh healthcare professionals carrying out the training will gain teaching experience and benefit from an enhanced awareness of global health issues.
Category: Up to £1,000

Dr James Glasbey, Cardiff University, Cardiff - Delivering peer-led training amongst healthcare professionals in Rwanda

Medical students and junior doctors in Rwanda currently have little formal training in clinical audit, quality improvement, and medical research. This initiative aims to develop a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership between healthcare workers in Wales and Rwanda, transferring skills and lessons learnt from clinical audit systems in the Welsh NHS to a group of trainee doctors in Rwanda.

The Wales-based doctors in training involved will benefit from consolidated links with international colleagues, an enhanced awareness of global health issues and the experience of delivering peer-led training.
Category: Up to £1,000


Wales Deaf Rugby Union (WDRU), Cardiff - Connecting deaf and hard of hearing children in Wales and South Africa

In Wales there are approximately 3,000 children between the ages of 4 and 18 who are deaf or hard of hearing, so it can be estimated that there are around 52,000 deaf children in South Africa. Deaf rugby serves as an inspiration to deaf children who may not feel that they can engage with contact sports.

Through a link with the South Africa Deaf Rugby Union, this project provide rugby taster sessions to deaf children in South Africa. The Welsh deaf rugby players will act as role models, as well as improving their communication and teaching skills and understanding of global issues.
Category: Up to £1,000

SaddleAid, Anglesey - Inflatable saddles for emergency transport

In Ethiopia it is estimated that more than half of the population lives more than 10km from the nearest medical facility, and transport infrastructure in many regions is poor. Many people in remote areas use donkeys for transport, but this is particularly hard for women who are in labour and people who are sick.

This project will assist SaddleAid to pilot the use of their innovative invention in Ethiopia - an inflatable donkey/horse saddle designed for transport of pregnant women/sick people to health facilities. The saddle cushions and supports the patient without placing an undue additional burden on the donkey.
Category: Up to 5,000 (over 1 year)

Hazina, Powys - Health worker for children with disabilities

Children with complex disabilities in rural Tanzania are often cared for at home by grandparents, who struggle to support their care and developmental needs.

With this grant Hazina will explore the potential for putting in place a local health worker to provide care and therapy services for children with disabilities and their families in their partner community. The Welsh health professionals and trustees involved will have the opportunity to develop project management and service delivery planning skills. School children and community groups in Machynlleth will learn about life for children with disabilities in Tanzania.
Category: Up to 5,000 (over 1 year)


Shine Cymru, Cardiff - Saving lives and improving futures

Families in Nigeria face a number of struggles in taking care of children with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. In particular, difficulty in managing incontinence creates challenges in home life, education and wider society.

Shine Cymru supports families in Wales dealing with these conditions, and now aims to develop a link with a small non-government organisation that is trying to do the same in Nigeria. This grant will fund a scoping visit for a Welsh healthcare professional to visit Nigeria for the first time and pilot incontinence management training for families.
Category: Up to 5,000 (over 1 year)

Ethiopia Link: Glan Clwyd-Hossana Link, Denbighshire - The three-pronged project: developing healthcare systems, critical care and medical students

This project aims to support three healthcare challenges in Ethiopia: managing critical illness, supporting primary care workers, and delivering a full curriculum in medical schools.

Together with their partners in Hossana Hospital in southern Ethiopia, doctors and nurses from Wales will help train 120 doctors, health centre staff and medical students. The Welsh healthcare professionals will enhance their understanding of global health issues and their clinical and teaching experience through this project.
Category: Up to 5,000 (over 1 year)

Interburns, Swansea - Improving national burn care and prevention in Ghana

There are just two specialist burns units in Ghana – a country of nearly 26 million people – and very few health professionals are trained in treating burns. Most burn patients are children or young women living in poverty.

Interburns will train 100 health professionals, including surgeons, doctors and nurses, in Essential Burn Care and deliver clear improvements in care across five health facilities in the north and west of the country. Welsh health workers volunteering on the project will gain new knowledge and problem-solving skills which can be used back home.

Category: Up to 15,000 (over 1 year)

Care for Uganda, Carmarthen - Village Health Teams Training in Uganda

Limited hospital provision and poor transport infrastructure pose massive challenges for people seeking healthcare in many Ugandan villages. Welsh healthcare professionals are supporting the training of Village Health Teams in Kamira, Luwero District.

The trained Community Health Promoters help villagers learn how to avoid malaria and other illnesses, while Traditional Birth Referral Attendants help keep new mothers and babies healthy. The group will also provide training in hospitals, including in ultrasound and anaesthetic techniques. More than 100 people will be trained and supported, and the team from Wales will develop their skills in communications and problem solving.
Category: Up to 15,000 (over 1 year)

Midwives@ethiopia, Powys - Strengthening Training of Health Extension Workers and Midwives

Many women Ethiopia lack access to skilled midwifery care and maternal mortality rates are amongst the highest in the world. This project will continue the work of midwives@ethiopia to train Health Extension Workers in rural communities and update the clinical skills of midwives in health centres.

150 healthcare workers in Southern Ethiopia will be trained and the Welsh midwives involved will develop their teaching, communication and leadership skills. Picture cards will also be distributed to help educate local communities on childbirth issues and Clean Delivery Kits will be provided for health centres.
Category: Up to 15,000 (over 1 year)

Hayaat Women Trust, Cardiff - Care Intervention for Mental Health Disorders in Somaliland

As in many low-income countries, mental healthcare in Somaliland struggles with few resources and a lack of understanding about how to treat mental illness. Yet mental health problems can significantly hold back individuals and societies from self-development and tackling poverty.

This Somali women’s group will use the expertise of Welsh mental health social workers and psychiatrists to provide training for more than 50 hospital/outreach workers and community representatives in Somaliland. This will include identification and treatment of serious mental health disorders, depression and stress, and post-conflict trauma reactions.
Category: Up to 15,000 (over 2 years)

Velindre NHS Trust, Cardiff - South Wales – Sierra Leone Cancer Care Link

There are currently no cancer care specialists in Sierra Leone and some of key hospitals offer no treatment or symptom management for cancer patients or children with Burkitt’s lymphoma. Key staff have also been lost during the Ebola crisis.

This project will re-establish data collection for a cancer registry, train 100 hospital staff in cancer care (across 3 hospitals), and establish a centre for treating Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Welsh healthcare professionals will contribute to the training and help develop a cancer care course, which will stretch their training, problem-solving and service development skills.
Category: Up to 15,000 (over 2 years)

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Climate Change and the Environment Grants 2015-16

Clynfyw Community Interest Company (CCIC), Pembrokeshire - Aiding community engagement through solar power in South Africa

Many rural communities in South Africa do not have access to light or power, and their days are run according to daylight. This project will install basic solar-lighting systems into shipping containers (which have been sent to South Africa with mobility aids and medical supplies) and turn these containers into schools, community and medical centres.

The solar lighting helps lengthen the day and increase community engagement through learning and social interaction. Vulnerable and disabled people in Wales are involved in the preparation of the mobility aids and medical supplies, boosting self-esteem and offering accredited training and community engagement.
Category: Up to £1,000

Stop Climate Chaos Cymru (SCCC), Cardiff - Save the planet- it’s the only one with chocolate!

Climate change has fallen down the political, public and media agendas in recent years, resulting in a lack of public engagement and awareness of the issues and potential solutions.

This campaign aims to engage the public in Wales in discussions around climate change through the medium of chocolate. 100 cafes across Wales will offer one Fair Trade chocolate-based dish during the lead up to the Paris UN climate talks, whilst promoting discussion around the global impact of our actions in Wales, and the impact of global climate change.
Category: Up to £1,000

The Nature Foundation, Pembrokeshire - Ocean Motion

Man-made waste causes significant problems for ocean eco-systems. Waste from across the world turns up on beaches and harms fish and other animals. The Indian Ocean washes up thousands of flip-flops on the East African coast, and waste dumped in streams and rivers also flows into the ocean.

Through this project school children from Pembrokeshire will learn about ocean waste and visit a local recycling centre. Meanwhile in Kenya, school children will also learn about these problems and visit an innovative flip-flop recycling centre in Nairobi. The pupils from Wales and Africa will then share their learning.
Category: Up to £5,000 (over 1 year)

Dolen Ffermio, Powys - Ngora Community Solar Power Project

Very few households in the rural Ngora District of Uganda have access to electricity and around 85% use paraffin lamps for lighting. This project aims to establish a community-based workshop to manufacture, sell and install simple, affordable solar panels to households in the District.

Welsh electrical and solar engineers will work with Dolen Ffermio and their Ugandan partners, gaining valuable learning and experience. In addition to making renewable energy sources available for rural households, this project will provide local employment opportunities and help to reduce carbon emissions from the use of paraffin.
Category: Up to £15,000 (over 1 year)

Community Carbon Link, Lampeter - Half a Million Trees for Kenyan Schools

Forests don’t just help calm climate change – they provide food and protect communities from flooding and landslides. Community Carbon Link has run grassroots projects in Kenya for over eight years and has already planted 104,000 trees in the country.

Now they are planting another 400,000. Working with 124 schools in Coast Province and prioritising empowerment of women and people with disabilities, the project will benefit more than 50,000 people in Kenya directly. Students in Wales will learn about forest eco-systems, while postgraduate researchers will gain from applying geographical information systems and carbon dioxide calculations.
Category: Up to £15,000 (over 3 years)

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