Grant Recipients 2017-18

Hub Cymru Africa Grants fall under four main themes; 

Here are the recipients who received our 2017/18 grants:

Sustainable Livelihoods Grants 2017-18

Fair Do’s / Siopa Teg, Cardiff - Fair Trade, Employment and Education in Kenya

For twenty years, Denur Crafts has supported 40 Kenyan craftswomen and has put 96 children through school. But now, as the CEO of Denur will step-down, Wales’ leading Fair Trade shop, Fair Do’s / Siopa Teg will work directly with, and support the craftswomen behind the products to help them take the helm. This ambitious project aims to protect the employment of 40 Kenyan mothers while securing the long-term sustainability and growth of Denur Crafts as a successful business.

Securing this relationship will help Fair Do’s / Siopa Teg to secure fair trade stock and help improve their ability to communicate about how these crafts are changing people’s lives to volunteers, churches, community groups and schools - vital for the wider promotion of fair trade in Wales’ capital city. Fair Do’s volunteers will become confident public speakers, motivators and advocates for positive global change.

Category: Up to £15000

Bees for Development, Monmouth – Improving livelihoods and Forest growth in Cameroon

This project improves the livelihoods of people in the Kilum Ijin area in North-West Cameroon by supporting new and existing beekeepers to develop their honey production by providing essential equipment and training. A Honey Shop cooperative will be set up to buy and sell the local honey providing a platform from which the community can sell honey and related products.

A tree planting programme will also be developed locally to increase the number of nectar bearing trees in the forests, which will lead to greater volumes of honey being produced and greater tree cover. The information and learning from the projects will help Bees for Development volunteers to learn and develop essential skills.

Category: Up to £15,000

CEMPOP, Cardiff - Community Enterprise Model for Plant Oil Production – Uganda

In rural Uganda, subsistence farming is the main economic activity and many young people move to towns and cities in search of a better future. As prices for Uganda’s cash crops hit rock bottom, a Wales based collaboration – CEMPOP, Cardiff University researchers, and IGO Ltd - are working with commercial farmers, Kyoga Youth and Women Community Enterprise, to develop and trial a sustainable agri-business.

The production, extraction, processing and marketing of organic essential oils will create lasting opportunities for Uganda’s rural women and youth, coupled with educational opportunities for students in Cardiff.

Category: Up to £5,000

Swansea Quaker Meeting, Swansea – Keyhole gardens for Kumbo Schools

People in rural Cameroon used to grow most of their own food, but water shortages and migration from rural areas into cities has meant that many have stopped trying to cultivate their own land. Keyhole gardens can change all that – they are small, enclosed beds that need less water and can use household waste to boost soil fertility. Swansea Quaker Meeting is working with Self Reliance Promoters, a Cameroonian NGO, to provide workshops on keyhole gardening and to install at least one garden in each of the eight schools in the north-west city of Kumbo. A keyhole garden will also be installed at the Swansea Quaker Meeting House to educate visitors and partners about the project.

Category: Up to £5,000

Fair Trade in Football Campaign, Pembrokeshire – Promoting Fair Trade balls in sport

Pembrokeshire campaigner Sharron Hardwick founded the Fair Trade in Football campaign with the aim of raising awareness of unfair trade in ball production and getting Fairtrade certified balls to be used at all levels of the game. She has recently expanded the reach of her campaign to include promotion of the new Fairtrade rugby balls. Hub Cymru Africa has backed Sharron to spread the word about Fairtrade sports balls in schools and football clubs, and to work with Welsh Rugby Union to include the promotion of Fairtrade balls in their school rugby tournaments.

Category: Up to £1,000

Tools for Self Reliance Cymru, Powys – Refurbishing sewing machines for Tanzanian women’s groups

Tools for Self Reliance Cymru has been working with partners in Tanzania for twenty years, supporting people with access to affordable tools and training in artisan skills like blacksmithing, tailoring and carpentry. Hub Cymru Africa has supported them with a small grant to establish their own workshop in Abergavenny.

From here they can refurbish unwanted sewing machines from Wales for use by women’s groups in Tanzania, to establish new sustainable livelihoods through tailoring. The workshop will also provide a workspace for their volunteers and allow them to recruit more and further establish a sense of community and common purpose between volunteers in Wales.

Category: Up to £1,000

Newcastle Emlyn Fairtrade Steering Group, Carmarthenshire – Promoting Fairtrade and increasing community engagement in Newcastle Emlyn

With Hub Cymru Africa support, the group will be creating a Fairtrade resources library and a bank of profile-raising promotional resources and flyers to be used at events and shared with schools and local partner groups. Through using these resources at their events they hope to engage their community to become more globally responsible and to support local traders who sell Fairtrade goods.

Category: Up to £1,000

Wales PEN Cymru, Gwynedd - Stories from Africa

Around the world, writers are persecuted, imprisoned, harassed and attacked for what they have written. Yet refugee writers also face huge challenges when trying to establish themselves and their work in their new country.

Wales PEN Cymru will provide a platform for refugees to tell their stories through hosting two events in north Wales to tackle racism and promote inclusivity, equality and diversity. The Africa Cymru event is an evening focused on African poetry, music and food; and Stories from the Horn of Africa will share the personal stories of two Ethiopian refugees and insights into the largest refugee camp in the world.

Category: Up to £1,000       

Love Zimbabwe Fair Trade CIC, Monmouthshire - Wales Fair Trade Fair 2017

Wales is the first Fairtrade nation and this year Love Zimbabwe will host a bigger and better Wales Fair Trade Fair. Wales’ annual fair has been running for more than a decade and is a vital reminder to the Welsh community of the inequalities of free trade and the impact that has upon African artists and the issues facing those living in poverty.

Stalls, live music, drumming and dance across venues in Brecon and Abergavenny will celebrate cultural diversity in Wales and reach new audiences while reminding existing supporters of the impact our actions in Wales can have on those around the world. 

Category: Up to £1,000                                 

Anglesey Fairtrade Partnership, Anglesey - Masnach Deg Ynys Mon Fairtrade

In an area of high unemployment with three food banks in operation, many people have tough decisions when doing their shop and feel forced to choose the lowest price options. The Anglesey Fairtrade Partnership is reaching out to visitors, local residents, community groups, the County Council and local schools through talks, stalls, coffee mornings, newsletters and awards ceremonies to increase awareness and purchases of Fairtrade products.

Category: Up to £1,000 

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Lifelong Learning Grants 2017-18

Hijinx, Cardiff - Able to Act - Lesotho

A creative partnership bringing together Wales-based Hijinx, who deliver professional training for actors with learning disabilities, and Lesotho’s Phelisanong Orphange who provide a home and school for disabled and vulnerable children. A group of young people from Lesotho will work directly with four learning disabled actors from Wales to create a new tri-lingual theatre production called Ke Labelabela Ho Ba… (I Aspire to Be…).

Together they will tour schools, orphanages and cultural centres across Lesotho. Through their performances and accompanying workshops, they will challenge people’s preconceptions surrounding the capabilities of people with disabilities to raise the aspirations of young people across the country.

The project will help the Wales based team of disabled actors and staff to experience a cross cultural environment which will challenge their leadership and creative skills, as well as help them reflect on their journeys.

Category: Up to £15000

Dolen Cymru, Cardiff - Improving Primary School attainment through infectious diseases training in Lesotho 

Children in Lesotho are often absent from school due to illness caused by poor sanitation facilities and practices. Dolen Cymru are working to support teachers at Thaba Tseka Primary School to deliver the curriculum on Infectious Diseases and give children skills to act as ‘change agents’ to educate the wider community. This project will construct hygienic, gender sensitive toilets and encourage behaviour change on open defecation. In Wales, Dolen Cymru will also deliver lessons in 10 schools on sanitation and hygiene as part of activities celebrating World Water Day 2018.

Pupils will gain insight into health issues in Lesotho and the challenges faced by children of their own age. Mirroring activities on each side will embed understanding and enable pupils to increase their understanding of global citizenship to share with their families and the wider school community.

Category: Up to £15,000

Teams4U, Wrexham – Improving sanitation provision in the district of Kumi, Uganda

In Kumi, rural Uganda, two thirds of girls leave school before completing their primary education and only one in every ten children attends secondary school. While poor toilets and inadequate hand washing facilities lead to regular bouts of diarrhoea, menstruating girls are forced to regularly miss lessons altogether without the facilities to stay clean.

Teams4U are working to tackle absenteeism among menstruating girls and prevent ill health by improving sanitation facilities, availability of reusable sanitary pads, and education on hygiene practices in ten schools. Welsh volunteers will work with their Ugandan partners to deliver the lessons and programme of building and celebratory activities. Returning volunteers will have increased their skills in project coordination, research and education enabling them to engage more effectively in the workplace.

Category: Up to £15,000

Giakonda Solar Schools, Torfaen – Providing solar powered computers to schools in Zambia

Mains power is patchy in Zambia, yet there is a growing need for IT education and online learning if the country’s young people are to become successful global citizens. Community activists Siavonga Nutrition Group are working with their partners Giakonda Solar Schools to install solar power systems and servers in three schools in southern Zambia.

This will enable the setting up of an e-library and e-learning systems which will support teachers to offer and deliver the Zambian ICT curriculum. They will train 20 teachers to make best use of these resources and Siavonga Nutrition Group staff to provide training for women’s groups and marginalised children on how to use the resources.

Category: Up to £15,000

Full Circle Education, Cardiff - Aspire Girls Community Project - Uganda

Women and girls in Kibisi village, Uganda, struggle to thrive in a poor community, where high unemployment, alcoholism, domestic violence, early pregnancy and limited access to education for girls is the norm.

Wales based social enterprise Full Circle Education support young people and children realise their aspirations through school attendance and attainment. They are partnered with community organisation, I Am That Woman, to support the lifelong learning and aspirations of girls through skills-based education to improve their employability and entrepreneurial skills.

This peer-led training programme, will bring innovations from the Welsh side as well as excellent professional development opportunities for staff, and capacity building for I Am that Women. They will work together to upskill girls and young women for roles in non-traditional sectors, such as construction, as well as more traditional realms such as tailoring and hairdressing.

Category: Up to £15,000

Gender Equality in Togo, Supporting Empowerment Together (GETSET) Wales, Powys - Teenage Pregnancy Campaign 

In the Kloto district in Western Togo, two thirds of school dropouts were due to unwanted pregnancy, creating a cycle of poverty as young parents cannot continue education, limiting their life prospects. Machynlleth based GETSET Wales are teaming up with the Winner group in Western Togo to reduce teenage pregnancy in the district through theatre workshops, sex-education and discussion groups for young people and providing specialist sex education training for teachers across schools in the district. Through film and photography GETSET Wales will raise awareness of Winner Group’s work in order to forge links between this area of Togo and the Dyfi Valley.

The project will allow GETSET staff to develop their project management skills, whilst teachers involved will benefit from the cross-cultural links and opportunities for partnership work in the years ahead. School children will become more globally aware of different cultures which can lead to more reflective views of themselves and their culture.

Category: Up to £5,000       

Chainworks Productions, Rhondda Cynon Taff - CAN YOU HEAR ME? - Kenya

Stigma and disability mean children in poverty lack confidence, self-esteem and have few life choices. This pilot project will use photography, radio and drama techniques to link two communities of deaf and disadvantaged young people in Kenya and Wales. Through the creative arts, young people will develop the skills and confidence to find their own voice and share their stories with peers in Wales and Kenya, and within their local communities, to challenge perceptions of poverty and disadvantage. 

Chainworks creative team were behind the critically-acclaimed large-scale community-performance Torchbearers, which brought together performers from South Wales Valleys and South Africa’s townships. For this new project, Can You Hear Me?, they have teamed up with Valleys Kids and award-winning photojournalist Glenn Edwards to develop a partnership between Life Skills Oasis and Kambui School for the Deaf to explore creative opportunities promoting self-exploration and expression.

Category: Up to £5,000

Disability Information and Support Network (DISN), Cardiff - Virtual Library and Website - Kenya

Parents and carers of children with disabilities in Kenya lack easy access to information about how to provide appropriate care and support. DISN will provide an online portal of information and discussion forums for those responsible for teaching and caring for disabled people in Kenya including self-help, scientific evidence and signposting to available services.

Special education teachers, therapists, social workers, health and social care providers and web developers in Wales will enhance Kenyan partners’ knowledge of disability issues through an exchange of experiences and sharing of solutions. 

Category: Up to £5,000 

Hands Around the World, Monmouth - Sharing Good Practice - Kenya

Many disabled children are hidden from sight in Kenya, so Hands Around the World have been working with the Disability Community Centre (DCC) in Maua, Kenya, to promote therapy options for disabled children and self-help groups for families. A key element to this partnership is the visit of the DCC Project Manager to Welsh centres of excellence. Through visiting projects and organisations in Wales, the DCC Project Manager will experience different ways of working, alternative modes of support for disabled children and their families. This will allow him to take examples of best practice in Wales to the project in Kenya, in turn helping them improve the therapies and services they can offer. The project is affiliated to Disability in Wales and Africa.

Category: Up to £1,000

Ysgol Esgob Morgan, Denbighshire - A community focused Fairtrade school

Ysgol Esgob Morgan, is a junior school which is working to re-build momentum to bring St Asaph toward the Fairtrade City Status. It would like to raise awareness of the impact that choices and decision of the community and pupils have on supply chain and on farmers overseas.

They will host a monthly Fairtrade coffee shop and invite parents, guardians, community members and other local schools into Ysgol Esgob Morgan to learn about Fairtrade through work the children have produced. Each month will have its own theme and will share a different aspect of Fairtrade. They are affiliated to Fair Trade Wales and the Global Learning Programme.

Category: Up to £1,000

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Health Grants 2017-18

Interburns, Swansea - Improved burn care for patients in Ethiopia 

Interburns will work to develop a national plan for burn prevention which will include a community prevention programme to meet the specific context and challenges in Ethiopia. They will also train 30 key hospital staff in Essential Burn Care. These activities will form part of the overall national health strategy of Ethiopia for improving community and primary health care.

The project will offer healthcare professionals from Swansea’s Morriston hospital and centre for burns excellence the opportunity to develop their personal skills and experience.

Working in a low resource environment with an exposure to a large number of burn patients from low socio-economic backgrounds will open the opportunity to develop peer learning with international colleagues.

In addition, academics, researchers and students at Swansea University will benefit from improved research and policy development skills through teaching and peer-to-peer sharing of findings.

Category: Up to £15,000

Shine Cymru, Vale of Glamorgan - Improving knowledge and management of issues affecting children with spina bifida in Nigeria

This project will work to improve knowledge, social acceptance and the self-esteem of people with spina bifida in their communities.

Through the use of downloadable information in the form of ‘Whiteboard animation’ resources, an increased number of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) trained in continence awareness management. The resources will also improve the knowledge of continence management among parents of children with spina bifida. 

Health professionals involved will benefit from the opportunity to share professional and practical knowledge, as well as being able to change lives through an enhanced insight and knowledge of continence management methods, techniques and outcomes in Nigeria.

Shine Cymru staff and members will develop confidence and expertise for international projects, and there will be a potential for members to become involved in future similar international projects with a renewed sense of purpose.

Category: Up to £15,000

Betsi-Quthing Health Partnership, Gwynedd - Improving birth outcomes for pregnant women and their new-born infants in Lesotho

Welsh midwives from Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board will deliver training for a local trainer who will cascade the training to local midwives, with an emphasis on encouraging upright birthing positions.  Village Health Workers (VHWs) will be supplied with basic kit and a simple algorithm booklet on healthy pregnancy, how to recognise problems and when to refer mothers. Haemoglobin meters will also be distributed, which will allow for a rapid assessment of anaemia, which significantly increases risks of a woman haemorrhaging following birth.  

Category: Up to £15,000

Vale for Africa, Vale of Glamorgan - Delivering primary eye care to remote, disadvantaged rural areas of Uganda

The largest single cause of low vision in the world is the lack of appropriate glasses.  This project will support six fully qualified optometrists to train and support local individuals, both in the community through Village Health Teams, and in the two local hospitals, to provide better eyecare and earlier detection and treatment of sight threatening eye disease.

Glaucoma is a largely symptom free condition until the very late stages, so without routine eye examinations to diagnose it many people in Tororo District go blind unnecessarily. This project will provide outreach clinics in rural areas to many patients who may never have seen a doctor or optometrist before.

Category: Up to £15,000

SaddleAid, Anglesey - Providing sustainable emergency transport in the Ethiopian mountains

The custom-built Saddles are designed to help transport women in labour or people requiring medical treatment on the back of a horse, donkey or mule in remote areas where conventional means of transport aren’t accessible.

Six saddles will be sent to the Simien mountains for demonstration and further testing and to provide dedicated “Ambulance” teams of a mule, muleman and saddle to carry patients to three clinics in the region.

The testing will allow SaddleAid to see how their products can be used in the field and to see how they can improve and further develop.

Category: Up to £15,000

Glan Clwyd – Ethiopia Link, Denbighshire - Building capacity and sharing skills in Hossana hospital, Ethiopia

This multi-strand project will support the staff at Hossana hospital. It will work to enhance the knowledge and skills in Intensive Care Medicine and cardiology and improve cardiology knowledge for local junior doctors. 

Staff from Glan Clwyd will help improve the competence in basic echocardiography of the senior physician and improve the knowledge of intensive care management amongst GPs and nurses. The project will conduct ultrasound training for GPs in Hossana and will also improve the understanding of global health issues amongst medical and nursing staff in North Wales.

Category: Up to £15,000

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Singleton Hospital (ABMU) – Feasibility study for training for respectful maternity care in Zimbabwe

Women going into labour at Zimbabwe’s government hospitals face neglect, corruption and physical, emotional and verbal abuse. Reluctance to use health services means three in every ten births is unassisted at home. A team from Singleton Hospital’s labour ward have joined forces with the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Zimbabwe to deliver a creative training pilot to 25 midwives and five obstetricians in Harare. After an intensive 2-day workshop, trainees will keep journals of their practice and experiences and will be reunited every fortnight for further interactive and reflective activities, role-play, and case-based and evidence-based discussions.

In Zimbabwe, the efficacy, lessons and cost of this intensive mentoring pilot will be assessed prior to scale-up across Zimbabwean maternity services. The Welsh team will benefit from developing and planning a wide-ranging training programme in a challenging environment, coming back to Wales enthused and motivated and with lessons to share in their own practice.

Category: Up to £5,000

Hayaat Women Trust, Cardiff - Tackling maternal mental health in Somaliland

Postnatal depression is one of the main factors which leads to severe mental illness conditions in young Somali women. There are no mental health counsellors or talking therapy experts in clinics or health posts in Somaliland and families and individuals often ‘cover up’ mental illness, requesting support only when they reach a mental health crisis point. Hayaat Women Trust are working to deliver a support programme with skills development training to enable Somali women to take control of their health and wellbeing.

Somalis traditionally believe that mental health issues are spiritual and not treatable through medication so this project will utilise Welsh expertise to train 60 volunteer champions to raise awareness of conditions such as post-natal depression and try to change these beliefs.

Category: Up to £5,000

Hazina, Powys - Community-based Rehabilitation for disabled community members in Tanzania

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) supports people with disabilities to integrate socially, be treated as equal members of a community and access physical therapy. Without CBR many disabled people would be isolated and unable to access support.

With this project Hazina are funding the training of a new CBR nurse to continue the support being given in Bangalala community whilst also expanding the scope and confidence of the CBR nurses by linking them with other disability organisations in Tanzania. This will allow them to exchange ideas and experiences whilst also providing them with connections who can help with providing or making equipment for children, relevant corrective surgery and support advice for albinos.

Category: Up to £5,000

Trio Uganda, Cardiff - Reducing the number of children in care from high-risk families in Uganda.

Children in Uganda can often end up in care due to chronic parental ill-health, mental & physical disability or death, incapacity or absence of birth mother. Trio Uganda will consult with families to determine what is needed to maintain children in the family home. By improving the well-being of carers and children in the home the project hopes to divert children from residential care. This could take the form of medical support, hygiene and baby products to improve and protect family health, and supplementary foodstuffs to improve family nutrition and child developmental growth.

Category: Up to £5,000

Brian Eadon, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Wrexham – Maintaining the effectiveness of essential medicines in Ethiopia.

This project will look at mapping the logistics of medicines from their depots in Addis Ababa to the home of patients in Hossana, to identify areas of high risk where the medicine might be exposed to higher temperatures, making them ineffective or potentially dangerous to use.

This mapping exercise will help develop realistic solutions for storing and transporting medicine and will help the Wales based health staff make better use of scarce resources within the NHS, understand the effectiveness of drugs that tackle malnutrition, HIV/Aids and other tropical diseases and develop effective logistic systems that the wider UK and Global health networks can learn from.

Category: Up to £1,000

Lowri Bowen, Cardiff – Reducing neonatal mortality rates in Zambia through resuscitation

Working in partnership with University Hospital in Lusaka, this project aims to train 80% of neonatal staff in the hospital to be able to perform essential neonatal resuscitation. Being able to recognise and deliver urgent resuscitation assistance to the baby during their first 60 seconds can save lives and reduce rates of disability.

The training will include a mentoring programme, so that local anaesthetists are able to run the training themselves. It will provide the Wales based health professionals with educating skills which they will be able to apply to their own work, and help them develop training for trainee anaesthetists to better support midwives during complex births.

Category: Up to £1,000

Zanzibar Mental Health Shamba, Powys - Improving access to Mental Health services in rural areas of Zanzibar

This project will assess the current situation of Mental Health Community service in Zanzibar and provide educational materials for the staff and patients at the clinics. It will also work to strengthen the partnership between Wales and Zanzibar.

Category: Up to £1,000 

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Climate Change and the Environment Grants 2017-18

Chomuzangari Women’s Co-operative, Swansea - Reducing Community Vulnerability to Climate Variability in Chomuzangari Village - Zimbabwe

The climate is changing, causing water shortages, drought and crop failures. Chomuzangari Village is dominated by women-headed households of subsistence farmers who have been surviving on drought relief. As three quarters of the population fetch water from more than 1km from their home, the Diaspora-led, Swansea-based Chomuzangari Women’s Cooperative is partnering with Zimbabwe’s Hope Foundation to improve access to water.

New boreholes with submersible solar pumps and overhead tanks will collect and supply water to the community for consumption, growing crops and livestock.  In addition, community led water harvesting technologies will trap the rain when it does fall, and drought resistant crops and fruit trees will be planted in a newly established drip-fed nutrition garden.

The Wales based project leader and participants will gain experience of project management, monitoring and evaluation. The group also intends to work with students and community groups in Wales, extending learning about active global citizenship.

Category: Up to £15,000

Sector 39 Limited, Powys -Permaculture East Africa – Uganda

8 out of 10 Ugandans live in rural areas and depend upon rain-fed agriculture which is increasingly affected by climate change. Powys-based permaculture trainers, Sector 39, will work with Permaculture Research Institute, Uganda and PermoAfrica Center, Kenya to provide training and develop permaculture expertise and activity in East Africa.

Through a training programme, the project aims to introduce new crops, sustainable land and community agricultural practices. Permaculture students from east Africa will work create a Forest Garden for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in Busoga High School, Kamuli and offer practical learning opportunities to Ngora Orphans project. The project is linked to Dolen Ffermio and schools in Llanfyllin.

Category: Up to £10,000      

Size of Wales, Cardiff – Celebrating tropical rainforests with school children across Wales

Size of Wales is a climate change charity dedicated to raising awareness of climate change and mobilising the nation to help protect an area of tropical forest twice the size of Wales. ‘Celebrating Tropical Forests’ is a Hub Cymru Africa supported event for primary school children from South Wales school with an existing link to a school in Uganda, aiming to inspire pupils and teachers to strengthen their links and encourage them to take positive action against climate change.

Category: Up to £1,000

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